Party Magician

It’s magic in its purest form…

…performed at a banquet table, restaurant table or group standing at an event. Often known as table magic or strolling magic they both refer to the close-up magician performing at a reception or party event. Nothing is set up before hand, no camera tricks and no suspicious looking props, top hats or flapping doves.

Close up magic is the real deal. It combines expert sleight of hand, psychology and presentational skills that make it a flexible and informal way of entertaining people which is perfect for all kinds of events.

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Great Entertainment

Magic makes great entertainment…

…at parties, weddings, dinners, banquets and receptions. People have their own personal show and can immediately talk it about with their friends.

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People love seeing the impossible happen
so close especially when it happens in their own hands and sometimes with items that belong to them.

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Paul Praegar Bristol Magician for close up magic

Paul’s Magic

When Paul performs…

…the weirdest things start to happen and objects start to appear in the most impossible places. Things jump from hand to hand and even into a helper’s hand! Paul’s expertise at card magic is always in demand and people stare in disbelief as cards instantly change in his hands and end up in his pockets!

Playing cards magic tricks with paul praegar

Paul is completely self contained and carries everything he needs on him when performing as a strolling magician. Watch the live video to see the sort of reactions happening at a real event.

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See some live action here

Why close up magic works so well as intimate party entertainment

  • It’s a great way of providing informal entertainment and the best ice breaker at the start of a party
  • Magic can be performed in any kind of venue, indoors and outdoors weather permitting
  • Magic starts people talking and laughing and becomes the talking point of the evening
  • I can perform as and when required and won’t interrupt the flow of an event
  • I can perform around tables between courses during dinner or without table at a standing cocktail style event
  • I carry everything I need in my pockets and take a few minutes to get ready
  • I’m cheaper than Dynamo or Derren Brown and there’s no TV production crew to pay for either!
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